Taste the difference in our quality and presentation of your menu choice.


Taste the food before you decide which caterer to book

  • We want you to taste
  • We want you to savor
  • We want your guests to be pleased
  • We want to take the guess work out of it
  • We don't want you to spend more than your budget

Try up to 2 of our menu entrees, at your home, for you and your fiancée. ($15.00 per person, Fresno/Clovis)

I'll prepare and serve the entrees just as they would be served at your function.                                    

This usually takes about 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

We prepare and serve the entrees in your kitchen
All of your questions can be answered as well as a complete price quote.

Give us a call at 559-917-5985 to schedule a date and time.


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