Summer is Almost Over

As the weather changes, so do the outdoor parties.

Aug 12, 2015

We've got about four to six weeks left of Summer Weather.  As the weather changes, so do the outdoor parties.  Weddings are somewhat difficult in the summer heat.  Dressing appropriately with lighter clothing helps to weather four to six hours in the blistering sun.

As with other types of outdoor functions, the availability of shade and movement are essential to last the whole evening in merriment. Most of the wedding prior to summer  take place in March, April and May. Once the weather becomes a little more bearable after summer, the most chosen months are September, October and November. 

During the past few years we have not had to be very concerned about early winter rains; generally the rain begins in December and January. This allows potential brides additional availability for outdoor venues long into October and November.

The past few years have been ideal for Vineyard Weddings and Receptions. Many of these locations also can also provide covered areas, Just in case of inclement weather possibilities.

We've noticed that even the out most locations have had no difficulty in booking most types of functions.  Location doesn't seem to be a critical factor in choosing a venue.  GPS has completely revolutionized the time, distance and location part of the equation.  Being on time for a function is now, just basic arithmetic.

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