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John Chiminello gives you access to some of Chiminello Catering's most popular recipes! This is first of a series.

Jul 22, 2015

New York Roast
Preparation using complete strips ( With Champagne Mushroom Sauce)
Whole roasts weigh about 10 pounds each.
Finished and served piece will be about 12-14 oz.
Each strip can cut about 10-11 steaks.

Start by removing all the fat, tendon and  sinew from top of loin, leave the bottom alone.
If you can't take all of the sinew off, cut cross cuts, very shallow into it.
You should lose about 16 to 20oz of total weight. (so now you have 8lbs.)
do not remove tail tip and fat.
Season with sea salt, black pepper and granulated garlic lightly on both top and bottom, about 2-hrs prior to BBQ or Smoke.
You want to let the strip warm and the seasonings melt.
Off set strip on BBQ  or direct set in smoker.
No more than 175 degrees cooking temp.
Takes about 3-4 hr. Maybe a little longer, use a meat thermometer.
Want to cook to 135 to 140 degrees.  (Medium Rare to Medium Pink)
Turn machine off
Let rest about 10 min.
Ready to carve, min. 1inch
Cut 1/4 inch slice from end, serve to the cook

Champagne Mushroom Sauce can be made about a 1/2 hour before meat is ready
10 lbs. sliced mushroom, wash.
1/2 lb. butter
salt/pepper    2-tblsp ea.
crushed chili   1 tblsp
Champagne    8oz.
Start:  heat champagne to low boil, reduce by 1/2
Add mushrooms, cook and stir slowly, not to break mushrooms,
cook and stir at low boil about 10 min.
This will add moisture to sauce
Add butter  in pieces, and seasonings,  cook another 5 min
add a little more champagne if too dry
ready to serve over each steak


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