Having a person you can rely on helps to solve any problems that might occur.
Give a schedule to the coordinator, entertainment person and the caterer.
Always ask for the response cards to be returned at least two weeks prior to the function. Have a trusted person make phone calls to any cards that haven't been returned. The best approach is to ask the guestion; "We were not sure if you had received the invitation".
It is very important to book your date as soon as you can and don’t put it off until months before your wedding. Clients typically book caterers 6 to 12 months before the date. In some cases the clients have no choice and have to book a caterer as late as 3 weeks before the date. As long as we are available we have no problem catering your event.
Yes, we provide special menus for corporate events, holiday parties, graduations, funerals, and luncheons.
Our Director of Sales and Events, Andria Poore, will guide you through the entire process from when you book your event, to the date of your event. Together you will build a specific and unique menu, schedule a tasting, and adjust your proposal up to 2 weeks before your event. At that point the final proposal is set in stone and Andria will convey all the details with the lead server, delivery crew, and chef to ensure a perfect day! To contact Andria call our offices at 559-917-5985.
Yes, with adequate advance notice we can arrange for you to taste items before you decide to order. We offer convenient in-home tastings to the Bride and Groom! In general, we need a week's notice to schedule a tasting. Because we make everything to order, we cannot provide drop-in tasting. We believe it is an important step when choosing a caterer. We are available for tastings Monday through Thursday, Saturday's if possible - please contact our catering office to schedule a tasting.
The proposal is based on a “per person price” which is based on Food, Labor and Rentals. Our package with full service to include: all the side accompaniments to the meal, cutting and serving (of your wedding cake on disposables $ .50 per slice, China $ 1.00 per slice), place settings and silverware, servers and lead server, chefs, set-up and break-down. We also finish and display our food on site so it is the freshest it can be. As well as everything cooked from scratch right in our kitchen!
Dinner pricing starts at $19.95 per person, which includes all the services mentioned above. Cost varies per catering style with plated at the most expensive, to family style in the middle, and buffet style being the least expensive. We are able to do drop-offs with disposables if you want our food verses our services. Any additional cost would be tax, 18% service charge (unless doing a drop-off), and delivery fee of $40.00. Some venues will charge an additional catering fee, price varies per venue.
Our Rental Items can include: House Standard: Water goblets; water pitchers; salt and pepper shakers; bread baskets with butter; salad and salad plates, flatware; dinner china, coffee and water station with coffee cups, water cups, creamer, sugar, and cocktail napkins; cake plates, and cake forks.
Preferred China, Flatware, Stainless, water glasses and water pitchers, also, charger plates available for rent. Tables, chairs, centerpieces, draping, tents, chair covers and many more items are available.
We take care of the table set-up and have no problems helping with lighting candles, menu cards and favors.
We have a minimum of 1 server per 25-35 guests. A wedding of 150 guest with a plated service would have 5-7 servers and 2-3 chefs.
Our standard uniform is white button-up shirt, black tie, black pants, black shoes, apron, and name tag.
Yes, we have the ability to accommodate almost any type of cuisine or recipe. We may outsource certain items that we are not familiar with. For example, we had an Indian wedding that wanted Tandoori Masala and to ensure that we had it exactly as our clients envisioned we purchased the marinade sauce from a reputable Indian restaurant. If we have a request for a family recipe we will test it several time to make sure it’s perfect for the big day.
Yes, we have the ability to accommodate almost any type of cuisine. Please ensure you communicate this to our Owner. (There will be an additional charge for food, time and labor)
Chiminello Catering has a certified commercial kitchen where everything is prepared. We insure the food hot right before dinner service. We bring burners and ovens to finish on site to ensure the best quality possible.
Chiminello Catering has been in business for 36 years.
Chiminello Catering is able to provide various meals designed to meet special diets such as mild gluten intolerances, lactose intolerance, diabetics, and vegans. We are unable to provide meals to individual tastes and cannot accommodate personal preferences. We highly encourage individuals who experience severe allergies to provide their own food due to cross-contamination that may occur in our kitchen.
Buffets: Approximately 10% additional to allow for seconds. A la Carte, Box Lunches, Plated Entrees: Only the specific amount ordered will be provided for your event.
In most cases, yes, but it may not be one of the entrees on your predetermined menu. Likewise, it is up to the chef's discretion whether or not a non-vegetarian meal can be provided. This situation rarely occurs for buffet style food service due to the 'unlimited' connotation that buffet implies.
The minimum amount is dependent upon your final count. The final count is needed 72 business hours (9 – 5pm Monday thru Friday) prior to the event. This also determines the minimum charges that we can bill you for. Counts received after this period will be left up to the Head Chef and Catering Director. Increases may be accepted, however, decreases will not be accommodated. We cannot credit your bill if guests who have made RSVP do not attend the event.
We are restricted by the Health and Human Services Department of Fresno Guidelines.
All menu choices are decided on prior to the day of the event. In the case of buffets with multiple entrée choices, Multiple Choices (2) are charged at the Higher Entree Price, the person making the arrangements for the party decides what everyone will have to eat. This is also the case when ordering a plated entrée for a sit-down meal that has multiple entrees and multiple sauces. Special accommodations can be arranged under certain circumstances and is still left up to Chiminello Catering's discretion.
Please let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel you order. Orders that are canceled less than 72 business hours before the scheduled event date will be charged 100% of the total invoice. This charge is to cover event planning, foods that cannot be used, labor, rental goods, and jobs we may have declined in order to accommodate your event.
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