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The Chiminello Catering Company was created by the Chiminello Family to provide on- premise and off-premise catering services for large and small events; from very intimate gatherings to the most elegant and formal events.

Choose an elegant setting at one of the San Joaquin Valley's most magnificent homes, a sit-down dinner at your corporate headquarters, serving hundreds at the country club or the privacy of your backyard, we will create a menu to dazzle you and your guests.

Check out our complete dinners, starting at just 12.99 per person. The Chiminello Family has provided catering services for over 30 years in the Central Valley.


Chiminello Catering Company serves a wide variety of entrees, sides, and desserts:

Carved Meats are our specialty:                                                                                                         

We use only Choice Cuts of Beef: Steaks, Prime Rib or Sirloin.  Our meats are tender aged and Que'd to perfection at your location.
Famous Ribs:

Our Ribs are St. Louis Style or Baby Back with choice of sauces. We begin with hickory smoking our ribs and grilling them on our custom made BBQ and Spit.
Savory Chicken:

Moist and Tender Boneless Skinless Chicken Filets. Imagine chicken that is moist and just right off the grill.  Grill to Plate is the way it's served.
Grilled Vegetables:

Seasoned with herbs and spices, tossed in Olive Oil and grilled over hot coals just Before dinner is served.

Start with our Three Lettuce Salad, Spring Mix or bevy of traditional or non-traditional Salads, Fresh Fruit or Marinated Vegetables. All of our dressings are made the day of the Event, Jalapeno Ranch (a bit spicy) Red Wine and Oregano Vinaigrette, Sesame ginger or our Bacon and Anchovy Caesar.

Dazzle your palate with a wide variety of dishes to compliment your main entree. Select from our Roasted Red Potato Rosemary or Garlic Mashed potatoes, Wild rice pilaf made with butter and chicken stock or our Basil and Garlic Pasta with olive oil.  Just one of many sides to choose from.

We provide services that will fit your budget. Our staff can arrange and customize your menu from start to finish.

Pictured below is a recent event in Clovis, CA catered by Chiminello Catering Company


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